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What She’s Waiting To Teach Her Kid Has Some Up In Arms. What Do You Think?

For some, raising kids has become a bit of a competition between parents for bragging rights about who has the smartest and most advanced child.

Comedian Crystal Lowery is all for early education when it comes to her kids — but right now, she’s just not interested in making sure her five-year-old son has advanced reading skills when he goes to kindergarten. That’s because she believes there are much more important things for her little boy to learn.

In a post for her friends who are discouraged by parental competitions, she explained that while she and her partner read books to their son all the time, they don’t yet feel it’s necessary to teach him how to read.

They’re more focused on nurturing his kindness, creativity, happiness, and wonder for the world…

…and while on the reading front, he may not be ahead of his fellow classmates when he goes to school, he’ll just have different type of knowledge that’s no less valuable.

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Some people responded by commending Lowery…

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…while others explained that kids can still learn and have fun.

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