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Veteran Health Education and Information

Veteran Health Education and Information

How do you simultaneously help VHA clinicians use evidence-based, Veteran-centered health education and counseling skills with patients and family members and help Veterans to understand and manage their acute and chronic conditions? Veteran Health Education and Information  or VHEI  does both, face-to-face and online and in
VA facilities across the country. Evidence shows that to improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction, staff must
use evidence-based education and counseling skills to provide patients with information that they can understand and use. This helps patients and clinicians talk together to help patients understand and manage their conditions and make healthy choices. Pulling from its evidence-based educational programs for clinical staff and resources for staff and
patients, the National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention  or NCP  the VHEI Program is building Veteran-centered health education programs and services to help VHA clinical staff partner with the patients and family members/caregivers.

Having clinicians and Veterans actively partner engages Veterans in sharing decisions on personalized care
plans that meet their goals, preferences and lifestyles, and help them achieve their optimal health. VHEI offers the Veterans Health Library,
an important online resource to help Veterans understand their conditions, treatment options, and to
make healthy lifestyle choices. VHL is Veterans-focused in content and design and its content is regularly reviewed and updated by VHA subject experts. Veterans can use VHL information to learn about their conditions and be better prepared to talk with their
providers and teams to design a personalized treatment plan that meets each patients goals, preferences and lifestyle.

The VHL, with its many fact sheets, tools,
videos, and guides is available at the click
of a button  anywhere and anytime. For clinicians, VHL is a trusted health information resource that they can use to educate patients and
family members/caregivers in face-to-face and virtual clinical encounters. They can also be confident that Veterans will understand and act on VHLs information. Through its Patient Education: TEACH for Success Program, VHEI also helps clinicians use evidence-based health education interventions and patient-centered communication skills in all their clinical encounters with patients and family members/caregivers.

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Clinicians learn how to encourage Veterans to work with their provider to create a personalized care plan that is tailored to their goals, lifestyle and preferences. Every VA Medical Center, has a Veterans Health Education Coordinator or VHECs. VHECs are responsible for the facilitys
VHEI programs and services to ensure that Veteran-centered health education programs and services are available for patients and family members/caregivers. VHEI and its diverse range of health education resources and programs help VHA clinical teams connect with Veterans and VA clinicians everyday with the training, resources and tools they need to help Veterans understand their conditions; self-manage acute and chronic conditions; and partner with clinicians to create personalized care plans.

VHEI creates more personalized, proactive, patient-driven VA healthcare. Learn more about VHEI at

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