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If You Think These Kids Are Having Fun, You’re Very Wrong. What They’re Actually Doing Is Unbelievable.

Think about the children that moan and groan about getting up for school in the morning. Now, think about this: there are children from around the world that daily risk their lives, just so they can get an education. They walk miles after miles, climb rope bridges and even zip line to get to class, all to do something that countless American students have handed to them on a platter.

This will make waiting at the bus stop look easy.

There used to be a reliable bridge near Batu Busuk village in Sumatra, Indonesia, that children could use to get to school.

When bridges collapse from flooding or age, they must tightrope walk across them like these children are doing from Sanghiang Tanjung village.

The gap they have to traverse is over 30 feet long and they have to tackle this on TOP of a seven mile walk.

There are children in Colombia who have to zip line 430 yards above the ground, just to get to school.

There are countless countries around the world where children are risking their lives every day, just to get an education. These students from the Philippines ride an inflated tube to school over flooded rivers.

What you see here is a child cautiously walking over planks put on top of aqueducts.

Someday, governments and other organizations may help children like these get to school.

But for now, they are left to their own devices to get something they know they so desperately need.

These boys from Vietnam don’t even have flotation devices like the boys in the Philippines. They literally have to swim against currents to get to school.

An education can be life-changing, not only for children in third world countries but for also kids you may know yourself. Never underestimate what one can do.

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