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Education For All People –  The Significance of Health Care Education
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Education For All People – The Significance of Health Care Education

Education For All People – The Significance of Health Care Education

Before coming to the practice of health care education, we must know the principles involved. Health education brings together the art and science of medicine as well as the principles and practice of general education. The link must be found in the social and behavioral sciences that include sociology, psychology and social anthropology.

Education in health care can not be given & # 39; to one person by another. It involves, among other things, teaching, learning and inclusion of habits related to the goal of a healthy life.

The definition adopted by the World Health Organization in 1969 and the Alma Ata Declaration adopted in 1978 provide a useful basis for formulating the goals and objectives of health education that can be described as –

o Promote the proper use of health services available to people in general.

o To encourage them to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle and practices.

o Develop interest, equip new knowledge, improve skills and change attitudes by making rational decisions to solve their own problems

o Stimulate individual and community self-sufficiency and participation in individual and community health development. involvement at each step of the problem identification to solve them.

The educational objectives are for the group to teach in the educational program in health care. The objectives stem from health needs that have been discovered or invented. They must be carefully and unambiguously defined in terms of the knowledge to be known, the behavior to be acquired or the actions to be mastered. They must be relevant if the program is to be appropriate and successful.

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Health education is focused on people and on action. Its goal is to make realistic improvements to the basic quality of life. Many health education programs hope, in a way, to influence behaviors or attitudes. The implication of these new concepts is that health education is an integral part of national health goals. It remains no less than that an effective health education can save many lives compared to any scientific discovery in the foreseeable future.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. The education in health care will bring us the knowledge necessary to prevent the disease before it is manifested in an individual. In the United States, more than $ 130 billion is spent last year to treat patients with diseases. By paying a fifth of the amount, the incidence of many deadly diseases can be avoided. The excess amount can be sent to other development work for the company.

Health education will improve the standard of living. Therefore, the status of a particular company will be lifted. Better housing, life, education, trade will make us a better human being. This is especially important for developing countries where there is not enough money to treat diseases through a modern approach. It is always better to spend a little money for health education in order to raise the level of health awareness among ordinary people.

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