Education For All People - Issues and Trends in Curriculum - From Technology to Global Awareness - EDUCATION FOR ALL PEOPLE
Education For All People –  Issues and Trends in Curriculum – From Technology to Global Awareness
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Education For All People – Issues and Trends in Curriculum – From Technology to Global Awareness

Education For All People – Issues and Trends in Curriculum – From Technology to Global Awareness

Many immediate and complex problems overwhelm educators today. With overall positive and negative effects, educators must look beyond the surface of education. Students are not just products of their schools, they will become forces that will shape society, determining the success and failure of their nation's future. Curricularists, educators, and everyone in leadership must work together to develop a well-rounded curriculum, which includes studying different cultures. Our next generation will have to deal with cross-cultural issues and become sensible, just and equitable adults for global society.

Technology plays a vital role in our education today and will be even more so in the future. Especially in countries where the economic and political situation is stable, the accessibility of the Internet and computers to maximize the strategy and act as a means of communication between educators, even to the extent of the l & # 39; intranet, must be available. This technology should be available in all schools funded by taxes and donations from the private sector.

Technology can also fill the gaps between levels of education around the world. Because of the political and socio-economic differences between countries, it would be impossible for this degree of technology to reach all parts of the world, but efforts should be made to ensure that education is equitable and distributed to all. children all over the world. This will require volunteers, donations and assistance from relevant countries at the international level. Even though there was only one computer in each city for these countries for schoolchildren, it would make a difference.

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Another reason why technology is important for the development of our programs is the expansion of cultural knowledge. The need to understand different cultures is an emerging issue in today 's education and societies, as relations between countries become more and more interdependent. The United States has always been a country of diversity; however, for the longest time, the content of his program was selectively focused on the West.

For example, high school world history courses have emphasized mainly European and Western history. We can now use technology to design a world history program that includes not only this part of the world's history but that extends further. The University of San Diego, in cooperation with the National History Center in the Schools of the University of Los Angeles, offers information about the world's history on the Internet and helps teachers to provide a comprehensive program without excluding a large part of the world's population. events, or time (San Diego State University, 2007).

We should also take advantage of technology to develop a program to create an international conscience, understand different cultures, and learn different opinions and values. Study programs
must focus on breaking down barriers to others and fostering mutual respect and understanding of other cultures and beliefs. One way to promote cultural exchange is technological communication. Thanks to advances in technology today, students around the world can use computers to see and talk to each other. More efforts to promote such communication should be encouraged and supported by the government, the various organizations and the individuals with the means to do so. One day, thanks to technology in education, people will learn that we are all part of the global community.

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