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Education For All People –  How To Complete Your Education While Raising Small Children
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Education For All People – How To Complete Your Education While Raising Small Children

Education For All People – How To Complete Your Education While Raising Small Children

Raising children is quite stressful. Raising kids and going to college is almost unthinkable, but it's possible. I had a three month old daughter and a year old son when I decided to go back to school and finish my first master. The money was scarce and I was feeding my daughter who refused to drink in bottles. Fortunately, my husband and my mother could then sit almost all the time.

After completing my first master 's degree, my husband and I divorced, I started working full – time as a social worker, and I attended full – time graduate studies as a full – time graduate. medical student. My kids were 3 and 4 years old, and it was hard to wear them, work and go to school at the same time. Therefore, it was imperative for me to simplify my life. My mother begged me to drop out of school. She said, "Sandy these colleges are made of brick and stone and they will exist when you are dead and gone, but your children will be small for a short period of your life."

I looked at my mother and # 39; advice. The only problem was that I was approaching twenty thousand dollars a year with a master's degree as a social worker. I was struggling to make ends meet and sleeping with a 38 year old married man my oldest. I hated myself and my financial situation. I prayed to *** to give me a sign or suggestion as to whether or not I should give up my graduate studies. The next day in my sociology education class on Saturday morning, the teacher was late and a classmate and I started a conversation about our family, our school, and our work schedule.

The classmate was a middle-aged African-American complexed, of middle age, who reminded me physically. I told him what my mother had said about dropping out of school until my kids were older and I was seriously thinking about leaving school for graduate school. The classmate said, "I do not agree with your mother, but the decision is yours: when they are young, their needs are simple." Your children will not remember who changed their pampering; but they will never forget or forgive you for not being present for dance recitals, little league games or their first school. "

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I never saw this woman again but because of her I decided to stay at school near my two children and I was able to take her my daughter at ballet and my son at her martial arts class.I am grateful to have the resources to take care of me and my children.
Here are tips that can These tips m & # 39, have earned two master's degrees and a doctorate while retaining most of my mental health.

WARNING: It will not be an easy task, most of the time you will be exhausted. It is certain that you will fall asleep a few nights, but if you are passionate about education, there is light at the end of the tunnel

.. plans to fail, first and foremost. Above all, to develop a plan.Enter college, talk to an educational advisor, know exactly what classes you will need to complete your courses. Studies, when courses will be offered, roughly how long will it take for you to graduate as a full-time or part-time student. Obtain information on the deadline for financial assistance and the contact name of any qualified person to help you fill out the forms. Once you have defined your strategy, you are ready to search for other resources among family and friends.

2. Locate a babysitter who is dependable but get an unlimited backup. Look for other mothers in college. Compare the schedules. Develop a plan to observe the children of each other during class.

Find a daycare where you pay hourly fees for each child. My two children's fees totaled $ 6 to $ 8 at the time. Depending on course load and course frequency, I usually paid $ 25 a week for child care when my family was not available. If there is no program like this in your community, create one. This is a valuable asset for single mothers.

Do not look too closely at teenage family members and neighbors who are mature and responsible.

3. When planning your program, try not to overload your schedule with difficult or demanding classes. Combine difficult classes with easy or independent studies (courses that you organize with a teacher outside the classroom.)

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4. As a parent of young children frequently with minor colds, pink eyes, ear infections, etc. You do not have the luxury of procrastinating. See your programs for all your courses and write down the deadlines for all your projects, exams, research questionnaires and presentations, and give yourself a new date of your own. 39, maturity of one to two weeks. Before your teacher's due date, work diligently on your projects as if your date was the actual date the homework was due, and if you finish early, keep the task in a binder. If you can not find child care or if your child gets sick, you are at the top of your game.

5. Use your time appropriately How do you succeed in working and going to school? Full time: Personally, I did not have the habit of going home and turning on the TV or phoning. If you have a favorite show, watch it, but do not let it idle in front of the TV. Schedule time on Saturday and Sunday to chat with family and friends. Do not forget to sketch in time for you and your children.

6. Sleep when children sleep, study when children play, contentment. I have studied for many exams while nursing my baby. Determine who and what is important to you and remove the excess from your life.

7. Organize your home to accommodate your lifestyle. I wanted my house to look like a chick, but it was not practical for me. Put blankets, toys, pottery and anything else in the living room where you can watch the kids and study. Purchase comfortable, inexpensive clothing that does not require ironing or dry cleaning.

8. Prepare potty meals for the week and order pizza on the weekends. Plan your meals in advance and cook enough for the leftovers.

9. Secure your hair in an easy to maintain and low maintenance style, such as a ponytail or short hairstyle.

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10. Choose a day during the week to clean and do the laundry. When you have finished using something, put it away immediately. This habit will save you tons of work on the road. I learned it the hard way. Do not do unnecessary chores especially during the critical time.

11. Learn to prioritize based on long term goals. Studying for major exams and preparing research papers can be exhausting. It goes without saying; Attend to the needs of your children first.

a. Always do something physical with your kids, like taking them to the park, running outside, making snowmen or sandcastles, taking a walk or playing a game. Your goal with your children has three purposes: first, it will lessen any feelings of guilt about not being a good parent when you study; secondly, it is physically and psychologically healthy for your child; and three, your child is more likely to give you the time you need when they feel loved and confident that their needs are being met.

12. If possible, take the children with you to the library to do some research. Pack of activities, a blanket and healthy snacks in a duffel bag. Sit in a "noisy" area or isolated from others.

13. The greatest gift that a mother can give to her child is her own happiness. Do not let your children be your excuse for not realizing your dreams. Let them be your inspiration and be a model for them of how to realize their own dreams.

14. Do what you have to do to complete your education. Your pace. Stay focused. Each chapter, test and assignment completed brings you closer to your goal. Yes, indeed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The big picture is overwhelming, but keep in mind, the big picture is made up of small achievements. Complete your goal one step at a time. Know that it is possible.

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