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7 Topics Banned From Classrooms Around The World

Recently, classroom curriculum has become a matter of national debate.

In Tennessee, a mother refused to let her daughter take part in a social studies class that taught about Islam as part of the seventh grade course schedule. The mother claimed that her “personal religious beliefs were violated.”

Her daughter received zeroes for the incomplete work nonetheless.

And that got us thinking: What topics have been banned in classrooms around the world due to backlash? The answers might surprise you.

1. Evolution

Kentucky didn’t outright ban evolution, but gave schools the option to refer to it as “change over time.” What happens when these kids get to college and find the gaping holes in their educational backgrounds is beyond me.

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2. LGBT Civil Rights and History


Some schools across American have banned LGBT history and civil rights discussions from classroom curricula citing parent and administrative pushback to support their decision. However, in July 2016, the California State Board of Education broke away from the nation, implementing LGBT history into their curriculum starting in second grade. Whether or not more states will follow remains to be seen.

3. Religious Holidays and Festivals


New York City has a long list of topics banned from the classroom, including religious holidays, dinosaurs, and terrorism. Yoav Gonen of the New York Post called it, “a bizarre case of political correctness run wild.”

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4. Press Freedom

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It’s no secret that the Chinese government heavily censors its press, media, and even internet, but they’re also censoring their student’s educations. There, universities have been banned from discussing the topic of freedom of the press as well as civil rights and universal values.

5. Creationism


The evolution versus creationism debate in public schools has been raging for decades, but in 2012 the U.K. outright banned teachers from providing students with “evidence for creation.” While creationism can still be presented as an idea, “evidence” from Christian scientists has been purged from classrooms.

6. Music and Sports


School isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ISIS, but believe it or not, they have their own curriculum. Music and sports are on their ban list, as well as history, art, and philosophy.

7. Slavery and Segregation


For years, the Texas School Board has been under fire for their attempts to whitewash American history. Recent state-funded textbooks refer to slavery as a “side issue to the Civil War,” and hardly mention the issues of segregation and civil unrest that followed.

Wow, this really makes me grateful that I attended a school that didn’t ban any of these topics!

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